LHR are super excited to announce that we are now the recruitment partners for Genius Group, supporting their significant global growth plans over the near future.

Genius Groups offers its future and current candidates substantial career growth, as well as the responsibility to go with it. Their commitment goes way beyond geographic boundaries, their innovative educational revolution, as well as their Genius Resorts – all operating internationally.

Founder and Managing Director at LH Recruitment & Retention, Laura Hartley said:I am so excited to partner up with such a forward-thinking organisation, especially having worked alongside the Genius Group for over 12-months now!

Laura also added:We are currently working alongside their global entrepreneur resort functions, supporting with their international Senior Management recruitment – as well as other remote opportunities at Genius. This is a very exciting (and busy) time here at LHR, especially with this fabulous collaboration and working on a global scale.

Check out our international vacancies here: https://www.lh-recruitment.co.uk/international-vacancies/