We just wanted to congratulate our fabulous Founder & Managing Director; for being named as one of LBV’s ‘Women to Watch 2021’ list.

During the pandemic, Laura and the rest of the LH Recruitment pivoted and refocused their efforts on developing new recruitment products to their existing services; an executive coaching and mentoring service(s), which have now successfully supported and inspired leading industry professionals all over the globe.

Lancashire Business View WOMEN TO WATCH 202

Laura Hartley, LH’s Founder & Managing Director, said: “To be recognised with these 24 awesome women, who have all achieved incredible thing over the last 12 months is, well it’s just fantastic! I’m so chuffed! 2020 gave me the opportunity to change our recruitment business and how [LH Recruitment] work, as a team we created new products to support our clients’ needs, Talent for Good and Rapid Team Recovery as well as onboarding your remote workers to name a few…”

Laura has been coaching for a couple of years now, and 2020 saw her achieve her “global dominance” goal, extending her clientele globally; reaching and collaborating with new clients all over the world; having supporting professionals across the United States, Australia, Japan and Europe – as well as Access Funding for B2B coaching clients.

Laura also added: “To be recognised as someone to watch is just fantastic and I hope to share more successes in the coming 12 months!”

Once again, a MASSIVE congratulations to Laura and to all the ‘Women to Watch 2021’, as well as all the ladies out there who are achieving incredible things on the daily. And remember, International Women’s Day is every day to us – not just 8th March.

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