How to do it

  1. You will be sent a unique token for you that is approximately 6-8 random character long

  2. Ensure you have about 20 minutes of quiet time to yourself to do the test, try not to do it with others as the questions are personal (no one can see your answers, not even me)

  3. It will take about 10-20 minutes to complete

  4. It is multiple-choice, you only have to tick a box that most applies

  5. Instead of thinking about the questions, just answer what feels right

  6. Answer the questions as truthful as you are aware you can, rather than the answer you would want others to see you writing

  7. If two answers feel right, pick one 🙂 or work out which feels, sounds or looks right to you

  8. Enjoy the process, it might be the first 20 minutes you have had to yourself in quite a while

  9. The results will come right away on email, download the pack and enjoy the read

  10. Get in touch and book an hour for us to debrief to get the most out of it