Get your CV in check…

Here at LHR, we dedicate time to look through each application but most employers don’t have that luxury. For a Sales Administrator role, we will easily get 100+ applications in the space of 48 hours. If you are going to apply for a job with an out of date CV, don’t expect a great response. In the first instance, you can only judge from what you see on paper…

So here are some tips to get your CV above the competition: 

  1. Have a master copy that you update accordingly

  2. Include year and month for each role (if there are gaps in your work history be honest)

  3. Include both the company name and the position you held

  4. Bullet point your daily duties and highlight any key achievements/ Awards, technical and key competency skills you have etc

  5. Include any qualifications, certificates and courses you have attended

And remember, always check your CV before applying for jobs. A simple mistake could cost you an interview.

Feel like your CV is spot on?

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