Fixed Fees Vs. Percentage Of Salary

We have always favoured the percentage of an annual salary, its what I have used in my 20 years recruitment life. At the end of 2019, we did a survey and asked 100 clients and prospects a series of questions, one of the highlighted areas was around fees.

The findings;

  • 66% offered a lower salary as the recruitment fee was less
  • 73% said they wanted to know exactly what the introduction fee would be before engaging with an agency
  • 34% didn’t have a recruitment budget
  • 52% thought the average recruitment fee was under £2000
  • 81% would change agency if there was no trust or the relationship broke down

From the feedback, we looked at how we can embrace the changes that our industry so desperately needed. So, what is new? We decided a transparent fixed fee model would help build the trust our potential clients need, but that’s not all

  • Fixed fees for all levels of recruitment regardless of salary
  • Fees displayed on our website, so the client can decide if they want to engage with us
  • Option to extend your rebate period with our Talent for Good service

If you want to know more please speak to one of our consultants by calling 01254 271024