Did you know for every new employee that starts with you over 33% are still looking for a new role?

So, if we know this, how can you prevent your new employees being the ones that are looking for a new opportunity. At Hartley People Retention we look at 5 key areas when working with a new client onboarding and communication are 2 elements that we focus on.

Explaining what will happen through the onboarding process will encourage the new employee to ask questions and be able to structure the process in their own minds to what is happening next. Remember this shouldn’t be a tick box exercise and an ambassador of the company should be carrying out this role. The vision of the company is discussed at interview but is forgotten once someone joins. This is what excited the person to join you in the first place, so needs to be kept alive throughout their journey.

Sharing your expectations with your new employee will help their direct line manager to review the performance against objectives. If the line manager doesn’t know what they expect from a new starter how will the individual know? Behaviours and attitude are part of this process, being clear about what is expected in the company and team will help the individual fit in.

Reality check; Ask yourself how your new person is feeling on their first day and how you want them to feel when they leave. Then ask a recent recruit to be honest with you, or look at your onboarding process is it engaging, fun and informative? If people leave before 6 months maybe you need to revisit your onboarding process and the person delivering it.

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