It’s not business as usual, it’s business with a difference…

I hope you, your family and colleagues are all keeping safe and business is well. I thought we would give you an update on what has been happening here during these trying times.
Well, I certainly didn’t think when I returned from my transformational coaching in February that all the business plans I’d made whilst away would be put on hold for 6 months! The lockdown hit us hard, we moved the business home on the 18th March to keep everyone as safe as possible, on the 23rd March every perm vacancy waiting to start in March, April and May were cancelled or put on hold. All but 6 of our temps were cancelled, they ended a couple of weeks later.


So by Easter, it was back to just me, it was a real deja vu moment working from home full time, on my own. Working 4 days a week quickly became 7. No longer was I getting away to my caravan, seeing friends and family. So when you live alone and are isolated what else is there to do, even the pooch got fed up of me being there and would sigh and trot into the conservatory for a break! Oh, I did do some training too and read more business books. Wow, there are some real golden nuggets out there. If you want any recommendations, please give me a shout. Being a supporter profile I missed people, missed going for coffee, going into my clients’ premises and networking. I did some SD dog walks with clients when we could, anyone fancy doing this instead of a zoom meeting or a social distanced site visit let me know, I’ll bring the coffee!


Whilst I felt certain we would ride the storm, it was pretty scary. Even more so when we had a couple of our clients go into administration still owing temp invoices.

On the positive it gave me a chance to reconnect with some clients I don’t speak to as they work directly with the team, I took on new coaching clients to help where I could. I set up a couple of mastermind sessions with local business owners which have been so useful for everyone involved, what started as 6 weeks in April, has continued to present time.  I was asked to be a mentor on the “Crisis Leadership Academy” and gave an interview with Roger James Hamilton on recruitment and the importance of getting it right the first time. I was working with different Entrepreneurs across the globe which was really exciting (if a little confusing with time zones!). On the back of this, I am so excited to announce I am on the next leadership program supporting global Entrepreneurs through summer school which is a pick and mix kind of learning, I have also been asked to work with a winner on 1:1 basis to create a strategy on how to build their team.

Back to recruitment! I filled a perm job in May! I was so excited, 1. I’ve still got it haha. 2. The client was so thrilled with the selection they are still trying to create a position for the other candidate. We have implemented a new CRM system, processes and plans for our new service offerings and engaged with a new marketing person who has been working on an e-brochure, website and content planning for us. Since then things have slowly been picking up, Jackie is back part-time to help fill the roles that come in and Aysha isn’t back yet, but she will be very soon. After 5 months away from the business, Mel has decided to take a career break and do a house renovation which I’m sure will be successful with Mel leading it.