A work/life balance is different for everyone but something we all need. In a nutshell it’s basically the amount of time and focus a person gives their work versus other aspects of their life. Of course everyone’s priorities change depending on a range of factors.

Without the balance between work and personal life, it can lead a person to intense stress and burn out. Work is important, but to be successful and productive long term it is essential to value your personal time.

Read some of our top tips that you can implement straight way into your daily routine.

Set priorities
Ask yourself, do you really need to be sat in bed checking your emails at 11pm at night or first thing on a Saturday morning? Work is important but so is your social life! You will feel much more refreshed going into work onMonday morning, ready to the conquer the world after a weekend of switching off and allowing yourself to enjoy yourself. You can’t be the best version of you if you’re run down and don’t get a chance to recharge.

Manage your time in Work
Set tasks for yourself everyday to keep yourself on track. If it helps, block out slots in your diary and assign yourself the time to complete these tasks. At the end of every day, do a brief assessment of your daily activities. How did you spend your time? Which parts of your day were most and least productive?

Say no with a smile
Remember that you can respectfully say no, this doesn’t make you a bad employee. Sit down with your boss to discuss and set boundaries on things like your availability outside of work to take calls or attend events.

Set time aside for you!
This could be booking a class at the gym or arranging to meet up with a friend so you have to leave work on time. Remember to stick to taking breaks at work, leave your desk and go for a walk. Less and less people aren’t taking the time they need during a working day. Take a lunch break, you will be surprised but it really makes you more productive!