A temporary worker is brought into your workplace for short assignments, whether that be a single day or up to several months.

Here at LHR we often receive a call from a flustered client shouting “Help, we need someone… like yesterday!”

Temporary workers play an important role in many companies across almost all industries. In many areas of the permanent jobs market supply cannot meet demand and therefore utilising temp workers may help your business in the short term.

Why may you need a temp?

  • A member of your workforce calls in sick. For example your receptionist and you need someone immediately to cover.
  • To cover your current staff holidays especially at Easter and summer.
  • Sickness/Long term absence.
  • Maternity/Paternity cover.
  • Sudden departure of staff.
  • Peak season for example Christmas, especially within the retail industry.

A boost of manpower in your business has many benefitS

  • Relieves your existing staff from being over-burdened. This is extremely common within businesses who operate on minimum staff. Offering extra help ensures your core staff remains happy, productiveand focused on their job.
  • It is often cheaper to hire a temp than a permanent employee in the short term.
  • Temps can be brought in for their specialist skills and will offer a new skill set your business can take advantage of.
  • Maintains staffing flexibility.
  • The agency is responsible for the temp worker. We pre screen, interview, check references and proof to work in the UK. In addition to paying the temps direct therefore lessoning paperwork and more importantly time on the client.
  • Opportunity to hire the temp on a permanent basis if you’re impressed!

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