Imagine yourself at the Oscars and you are up for nomination. You are eagerly awaiting to hear the winner, ready to stand up, collect your award and give your speech. Then they announce someone else’s name and you have to force yourself to clap, smile and nod your head and in the back of your mind wondering how are you going to tell your friends, that champagne celebration you had planned is no more.

That’s how it feels when you find out you didn’t get the job!

You prepped, researched and all the while imagining your first day in your new role. Then you receive the dreaded call, “Unfortunately on this occasion you have been unsuccessful”, yes we have all been there!

Our advice is simple…

Don’t take it personally

We understand that rejection is hard for anyone, however the decision to not hire you is based on the company’s specific criteria and needs. Just because you weren’t the perfect match for this role doesn’t mean that you’re not an outstanding professional! Remember, you are fantastic, talented and the right role and company is out there waiting for you!

Ask for feedback

Please remember rejection is not feedback. Listen more than talk and avoid being critical of them or defensive, even if you disagree with their assumptions about you. Receiving feedback is an opportunity to learn and better yourself for future interviews. Don’t just assume that everything you’re doing is wrong because you didn’t get the job. We would recommend, if you haven’t already, adding the hiring manager on LinkedIn and following the company on social media. If the role is with a company you really liked, doing this allows you the opportunity to apply for any further opportunities as well as showing your interest to the hiring manager and business.

Focus on your strengths and stay positive

Okay, we allow you a short 10 minutes after receiving the news to wallow and have a cup of tea! However, this is the time to think about your strengths and what makes you great! After receiving feedback, you should feel as though you have learned something. We all learn from our experiences, and interviewing is no different!

Saddle up and get back on the horse

It’s a hard fact that you’re not going to land every job you apply for. No one does! Approach each new opportunity with a fresh perspective and a positive attitude. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy!

One last note… Make sure to check out our new opportunities!