What is an exit interview?
Exit interviews are conducted with employees, once they have resigned before they leave the company.

All companies should conduct exit interviews. It gives the company the opportunity to capture the opinions of those leaving, why they are leaving in addition to how they perceive the company.
A HR employee or an objective person not directly involved with the individual should carry out the exit interview. This leads to a more objective exit interview and allows the employee to voice their opinions honestly without feeling they should give the answers the company would like to hear, rather than what they really think.
The main benefit to holding an exit interview is that a business will gain valuable information which can prove useful to understand what the organisation is doing well as well as pinpoint areas that can be improved on.

Below are some useful questions to ask when carrying out an exit interview.
1. Why are you leaving?
2. What were you main reasons for joining the business?
3. Is the role/ company what you thought it would be when you joined?
4. What did you like the best about your role?
5. What didn’t you like about your role?
6. How would you rate the training given out of 10?
7. Did you have the tools and resources that you needed to do your job effectively?
8. How comfortable were you discussing work issues with your manager?
9. How would you describe your manager in three words?
10. What could your manager do better?
11. What did your manager do well?
12. Is there anything your manager could have done differently to keep you from leaving the business?
13. How would you describe the culture of the organisation in three words?
14. Did you feel you were kept up to date with changes/ developments within the business?
15. What are your thoughts on the benefits offered by the business? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
16. If you had a friend looking for a new role, would you recommend them to work for the business?