Writing an attractive job description is essential in helping you find the most qualified candidates for roles you are looking to recruit for. The key to writing successful and effective job descriptions is to find the perfect balance between providing enough detail so candidates understand the position as well as your business, while keeping your description concise.

Follow LHR’s checklist:

  • Take time to create a job description
  • Have an essentials and desirable checklist
  • Set a closing date and a maximum number of interviews
  • Shortlist your candidates because they meet the essential criteria
  • Ask for a second opinion or request someone else to view the CV’s before arranging interviews
  • Ensure the person you offer the role to has the skills you require them to do the job
  • If you’re not using an agency conduct 2nd interviews or half day visits with the team

Mistakes to avoid when creating an effective job description

  1. When defining a role, make sure to involve the line management and employees in a similar function.
  2. A job description should be an accurate representation of the skills and abilities required to perform the role, not an impossible wish list of every skill that may come in useful.
  3. Stick to well-recognised requirements, systems, skills and experiences to reach a larger candidate audience, try and stay away from using unnecessary jargon or internal terminology.

Taking the time to craft an accurate job description can be invaluable to the ongoing attraction, hiring and retention of employees.. The cost of recruiting the wrong person isn’t just the agency fee or the expense of the advert, but also your time, interviewing and training.

If LHR can be of assistance in supporting your recruitment campaign, then please call us on 01254 271024. Recruitment should be transformational, not transactional and therefore starting the process right, first time, every time will ensure a smooth and enjoyable recruitment process!