For over 7 years LHR have been supplying high quality temporary staff to support Lancashire businesses. For many, it is a great way of boosting productivity and above all it maintains a consistent workforce to manage the work load and ensures the business runs efficiently.

Temporary workers can be supplied for a days work or requested for a 12 month period if needed- they are flexible to the business needs. Temps are commonly needed to cover specific projects, employee absences, sickness, maternity leave or seasonal demands.

The beauty of hiring temporary workers is that a business also has the option of hiring them permanently. If this is an option from the beginning of the booking it can act as a goal for the worker. The plus side as an employer is that you have already witnessed their suitability for the business culture and proof they are capable of the position and therefore an excellent opportunity to make an offer.

Why do people want to temp?

Opting to take temporary work benefits workers of all ages. If a candidate is in education and looking to work over the summer or Christmas holidays, taking that few weeks work will earn some spending money plus keep them from climbing the walls! On the other hand, a worker may choose to temp after finishing a permanent role and before they decide on what their next position may be. Therefore, temping in the interim will keep them fresh to work again and break up the tedious job search, whilst still earning an income.

Completing temporary work beats unemployment, A” job is better than “no” job and it will bring in money in the short term, expand on experience plus decreases the long gaps in between jobs.

If a candidate has been unemployed for months the psychological perks in taking a temporary job can break the cycle of restlessness and hopelessness a candidate may be feeling. More often than not, people just need that one break to get themselves through the door!

Many temporary positions open up a world of opportunity, there may also be the potential that temporary could become permanent. Several of our temp workers in the past have been offered the opportunity to apply for internal opportunities or even offered the position they were doing on a permanent basis.

To find out more about temporary staffing solutions and how LHR can support your business, call the office on 01254 271024.