SAMS Charity

One of LH Recruitments chosen charities who we work closely with throughout the year is SAMS. The local charity brings together public and private organisations with the aim of encouraging recycling within the local business community. SAMS collects non-toxic scrap materials and offers them as art and craft materials to schools, colleges, nurseries, play groups, pensioners’ groups and other community organisations.

The charity also runs the Christmas Wishes Appeal and Easter Egg Challenge which LH Recruitment get behind each year since 2010.

This year the team at LHR were inundated with Easter Eggs as local businesses and candidates kindly donated the chocolate for giving out to support vulnerable people in the local area.

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GIRLS OUT LOUD: Big Sister – Little Sister

This year Laura has taken part in the Big Sister initiative run by the National Charity Girls Out Loud.

The 12-month core mentoring programme for 14-year-old girls looks for successful women in various sectors to join the programme.

The chosen big sisters act as positive role models, meeting on a monthly basis, to inspire the girls on a journey towards building up levels of confidence and aspiration.

Laura says: “Life seems to have been much simpler when I was a teenage girl. The young ladies of today have different challenges, social media and technology are the biggest influences on young people. The idea of the programme is to give the little sister a flavour of what they could do if they wanted to in the future and coaching them on what they would need to do to get there.

We visit different employers and look at the job roles available for example marketing design and police dog handler, these are positions that our little sisters may not even know existed. Giving a little the sister the confidence to be what she wants to be in the future is the reason I got involved.”

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