How To Choose The Right Recruitment Agency For Your Business

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You have one or more positions to fill within your business.

You are thinking about using the expertise of a recruitment agency.

Great! But how to select the perfect agency for your business.

Luckily, we have created a handy guide for you which will surely help in your selection process.

–        What’s the vacancy?

–        Understanding different types of agencies

–        Benefits of keeping it local?

–        Is price a factor in your selection process?

Let’s look at each question in more detail …

What’s The Vacancy?

So, first things first: what is the position you are wanting to fill? Is it an established role with an existing history and clear job description? Is it a brand-new role for your business where you may need some help in creating the job duties and how it will interact with the rest of your team?

The answer will be a key factor in narrowing down which recruitment agency you will decide to work with. It’s important to understand that an agency can be so much more than just a platform for you to advertise your role and schedule interviews. An expert agency with the right team of trained professionals will take the time to understand your business, your culture and the existing team of employees. This is necessary so that the right candidates can be selected for interviews, making sure that they could be a good fit academically, professionally and characteristically.

Understanding Different Types Of Recruitment Agencies

Understanding Different Types Of Recruitment Agencie









There are many different recruitment agencies out there, from the ones that specialise in temporary or permanent positions, to high-street agencies who work on volume and industry specialist agencies who consider themselves experts in certain fields i.e. manufacturing, engineering, teaching.

If you are looking for a particular skill in an industry, then a specialist agency would have the upper-hand in understanding the role and could potentially already have a pool of candidates registered with them who are looking for a new opportunity.

On the other hand, if you are looking to fill a temporary position quickly, then a temp-agency may be the best suited to assist.

However, a well-established recruitment agency may be able to assist with a variety of positions, so its important to speak with them and get to know how they work.

Do You Want To Keep It Local?

Usually, local businesses will tend to prefer working with local recruitment agencies, taking advantage of their understanding of the area and their existing registered candidates. Also, a ‘good’ agency will take the time to interview the interested candidates themselves before passing them on as a potential for the vacancy. This would be hard to do face-to-face if the agency was based elsewhere in the country.

Other types of businesses who work on a national scale and have perhaps field agents remotely based, may well use an agency outside of their local area if they demonstrate expertise in the field and understanding of what’s required.

We would always recommend speaking to your local agencies first and get a clear understanding of what’s on offer in your county. You then have the option to extend your search if required.

Is Price A Factor In Your Decision Making?

Is Price A Factor In Your Decision Making lh recruitment









The conversation about the introduction fee may be a factor at some point during your selection process. It is recommended this is agreed before you authorise the agency to work on your behalf. Some agencies will be willing to move on price ‘just to get the business in’! We recommend that you check the rebate period and payment terms thoroughly before signing. It all comes down to the level of service you want to receive from an agency.

What is it worth to you? If you are happy to be sent lots of CV’s, that haven’t been screened or interviewed then you should be paying less, or even only paying for an advert campaign. This agency is only collecting CV’s for you and you will be holding the first and second stage interviews, offer and negotiation. This is great for an experienced hiring manager with a little time on their hands.

However if you are time short, have little experience or have had your confidence knocked, then select a recruitment consultancy rather than agency. They will guide you through the process, ensuring your brief and advert is compliant to 360 feedback and offer to candidate. Use their first interview to brief you on what you should be digging a little deeper on with that candidate.

We always say that if an agency has done their job right, then the price factor is of little importance when thinking about the long-term advantages the right candidate will provide to your business.

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