How to enable a successful onboarding for your new employees

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Successful onboarding improves retention and promotes long-term organisational success. Helping new employees become proficient makes them more valuable to the organisation. The key to achieving this is a good onboarding process that uses a structured approach to build a more productive, engaged, loyal workforce.

Prepare before they arrive
Have you set up their work station? By setting up your new employee before they arrive you’re already demonstrating you’re invested thus making them feel valued. There is nothing worse than arriving to start your new job and not having a functioning work space.

The importance of Day 1
Sitting down with your new employee on their first day is imperative. ‘Unrealistic expectations’ is a common reason employees resign, therefore talking through expectations and objectives, is important to setting a foundation to how their time will be within your business. Allow time for questions, be patient and reassuring. Go over company culture, plans for the future and what’s happening in the business to help them feel part of the business for day one.

Provide a buddy
We recommend using a ‘buddy’ system to provide support more informally to help new employees settle in. Sometimes new hires feel uncomfortable asking managers a million and one questions in the early days therefore having a buddy/mentor will plus develop relationships.

Onboarding is an ongoing process, not a one-off
The beginning of your new employees time is your business is the most important. Therefore, ensure to regular check up with them personally to review their progress and ensure they’re happy.

A positive onboarding experience which is relevant, timely, and meaningful will engage recruits as quickly and effectively as possible so that they feel comfortable in their new roles. The better you can facilitate their adjustment the sooner you will see results!

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