Is your social media helping or hurting your career?

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Most of us will wake up in the morning and before even leaving our bed will have a quick scroll through facebook and twitter. Social media is now an integrated aspect of our daily routines, we share our location, post photos, share our thoughts, all for the world to see.

In business we connect with our network on social media just as we do with our friends and family. These platforms can really support and grow your career as much as it can damage it.

Here are a few tips on how to get the best out of social media whilst avoiding common mistakes.

  • Never complain about your job. Ever.
  • Don’t friend request someone on Facebook you just interviewed with. Write a personalised message to connect on Linkedin and follow their company to show you’re interested.
  • Don’t post rude or offensive comments. This goes without saying, but you risk your colleagues and employer seeing this which could impact negatively on your reputation at work.
  • Watch your spelling and grammar. There is nothing worse than seeing the wrong use of there, their and they’re.
  • Don’t be a robot! Share articles related to your field of work as well as those you feel may be of interest to your connections.
  • Comment and give your specialist advice, engage with others and show your support and interest. Social media isn’t just about you and what you do!
  • Watch what you are tagged in. Drunken Saturday night? It’s great you had fun but no one in your professional network needs to see you staggering out of a takeaway at 3am!
  • Keep your work and personal profiles separate. Have a separate email account for personal and work as well as social media profiles.
  • Have you checked your privacy settings? Facebook’s privacy settings change all the time, so keep up to date on their latest changes. Instagram will allow you to keep you profile private therefore you can accept or deny any follow requests.

One last note
Employers often check the social media presence of potential new hires and make judgements based on what they find, which may affect their hiring decision. Wrong or right, it is the reality we live in. Now go and check your social media accounts!